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Big Data Demystified for the Marketer

Online everywhere consumers demand smarter and more relevant experiences regardless of where they’re located or the devices they use. Start the year by exploring how to use historical Big Data and real-time online consumer interactions to drive revenue and brand loyalty.

Other topics discussed include:

  • Turning data into adaptable segmentation to create marketing campaigns based on visitor insights across channels, devices, and media.
  • Leveraging actionable analytics to breathe new life into behavioral targeting campaigns that reach the consumer “in the moment.”
  • Driving innovation through effective targeting A/B and multivariate testing programs.

Gain a competitive edge by understanding what Big Data means to you and explore ways to add incremental revenue by discovering profitable customer segments that you can act on immediately, deploying offers and creative that revive your customer strategy. 

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Explore new ways to know your customers better

Featured Presenters:  

Rob Brosnan
Senior Analyst, Forrester

Kurt Heinemann
CMO, Monetate